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PVC Membrane Roofs
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Kirkland's Wet Weather Answer: Our PVC Roofing Keeps You Dry

Choose Anderson Roofing for Reliable PVC Roofing Solutions

Anderson Roofing, a leader in PVC roofing services, proudly serves Kirkland, WA, and its surrounding areas. We bring over 50 years of dedicated service to this vibrant community, ensuring every roofing project meets our high standards of excellence. From the bustling downtown to the peaceful suburban neighborhoods, our expertise covers every corner of Kirkland.

Master Craftsmanship

Our expert team at Anderson Roofing brings unmatched craftsmanship to every roofing project in Kirkland. We deeply understand the city’s diverse weather patterns, ensuring our roofs are not just aesthetically pleasing but also built to withstand the rigors of Kirkland's wet climate. Our approach combines time-honored skills with cutting-edge techniques, delivering roofs that last.

Top-Grade Materials for Lasting Protection

In Kirkland, where each home is a statement of individuality, the right roofing material makes all the difference. At Anderson Roofing, we select only the best PVC materials, ensuring your roof is a robust shield against the ever-changing Washington weather.

Our choice of high-quality materials means your investment not only enhances your home's appearance but also ensures long-term protection.

Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

At Anderson Roofing, our primary focus is customer satisfaction. We dedicate ourselves to ensuring each project upholds our high standards of excellence and client happiness. This customer-first approach has earned us a reputation for reliability and a loyal customer base.

Get the Best Defense Against Wet Weather

Don't let persistent rain compromise your comfort and safety. Opt for Anderson Roofing's PVC roofing solutions for a combination of strength, style, and durability. Reach out for a free, no-obligation estimate today, and take a step towards securing your home with the best defense against wet weather.

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Discover the Benefits of PVC Membrane Roofing in Kirkland

Kirkland, WA, with its unique blend of weather patterns and diverse architectural styles, is an ideal setting for PVC membrane roofing. This versatile roofing solution not only meets the specific needs of Kirkland's properties but also complements its varied aesthetic landscape.


In Kirkland, where property owners value long-term solutions, PVC roofing stands out for its impressive lifespan. Capable of lasting 20 to 30 years, it's a smart investment for those looking for durability in their roofing choices.


The strength and resilience of PVC roofing are unmatched, especially in facing Kirkland’s weather conditions. It's designed to withstand heavy rains, strong winds, and other challenging elements, ensuring robust protection for homes and businesses.


Aligning with Kirkland's environmental priorities, PVC roofing is an eco-friendly option. Its production and lifecycle have a reduced environmental impact, making it a responsible choice for the eco-conscious community.
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Energy Efficiency

PVC roofing is a boon for energy savings, a significant factor for residents and businesses in Kirkland. Its thermal properties help maintain comfortable indoor temperatures, reducing the reliance on heating and cooling systems.

Fire Resistance

The fire-resistant nature of PVC roofing adds an essential safety layer to buildings in Kirkland. This feature is particularly important in residential areas and business districts, where safety is paramount.

Superior Water Resistance

Given Kirkland's propensity for rain, PVC roofing's superior water resistance is a key advantage. It effectively shields buildings from water ingress, ensuring long-lasting protection against moisture-related issues.

Heat/UV Resistance and Easy Repair

PVC roofing's resistance to heat and UV radiation is crucial for Kirkland's varied climate. Additionally, its ease of repair makes it a practical choice for maintaining building integrity with minimal hassle.

PVC membrane roofing perfectly suits Kirkland's needs with its adaptability, durability, and eco-friendly features. For Kirkland property owners, opting for PVC roofing means investing in a solution that combines safety, sustainability, and style.

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Hear What Our Satisfied Customers Say

Experience the difference with Anderson Roofing! Our commitment to putting customers first has not only earned us a loyal clientele in the Puget Sound Region, including Issaquah, Kirkland, and the Greater Seattle Area but also a reputation built on referrals and glowing recommendations. Discover why our clients are our biggest advocates.

PVC Membrane Projects

PVC, a Poly-Chloride membrane, acts like a vinyl raincoat for your roof. Applied using heat-welded seam technology, this membrane is ideal for flat, sloped, or low-pitched roofs on both residential and commercial properties in Kirkland, ensuring a sealed and watertight finish. Its popularity in the northwest stems from its excellent performance in soggy weather conditions and remarkable durability under heat.

Available in a spectrum of colors, including reflective white, PVC roofing is not only aesthetically versatile but also energy-efficient, boasting an “Energy Star” rating. This efficiency may qualify it for energy tax credits, making it a smart choice for Kirkland's eco-conscious and style-savvy property owners.

PVC Membrane Roofing Installation

Where PVC Roofing Works Best

Curious about the ideal settings for PVC roofing? As Kirkland's trusted roofing experts, we're here to guide you. PVC roofing's versatility has made it a popular choice throughout the Greater Seattle Area, including Kirkland.

Commercial Buildings: Whether you own a store or an office in Kirkland, PVC roofing is an excellent choice. Its sleek appearance and durability make it a favorite for businesses in the area.

Industrial Facilities: For warehouses or factories in Kirkland, PVC roofing stands out. It's capable of withstanding heavy loads and extreme weather, a must-have for industrial buildings.

Residential Homes: If your Kirkland home has a flat or low-slope roof, PVC roofing is an ideal option. Not only is it strong and durable, but it also helps in reducing energy bills and enhancing safety.

Other Suitable Spots: PVC roofing isn't just for larger structures; it's also great for carports, sheds, or any building with a flat or low-slope roof in Kirkland. Its adaptability makes it a smart choice for various applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions About PVC Membrane Roofing

What's the Average Lifespan of a PVC Roof?

When you're making an investment in your property's roof, you want it to last. A PVC roof does just that, often providing 20 to 30 years of reliable coverage. That's a strong return on investment, especially considering the demanding weather conditions we face in Seattle and the Eastside.

How Well Can PVC Roofing Handle Extreme Weather?

Extreme weather? No problem. A PVC roof is like a fortress against the elements. Highly resistant to wind and rain, it remains a steadfast covering for your property. That's particularly advantageous if your property is in Issaquah, Bellevue, or Redmond, where the weather can shift at a moment's notice.

What Kind of Maintenance Does a PVC Roof Need?

Maintenance for a PVC roof is mostly straightforward and hassle-free. Routine chores like removing debris and conducting visual inspections are usually enough to keep your roof in tip-top shape. The goal is to maximize longevity, and a well-maintained PVC roof can deliver that in spades.

Is PVC Roofing Eco-Friendly?

You bet! PVC roofing is recyclable, so once it's time to replace, it doesn't have to end up in a landfill. Plus, the material's reflective properties can lower energy bills by reflecting sunlight. For folks concerned about environmental impact in the Greater Seattle Area, this is a solid choice.

How Does PVC Roofing Affect My Energy Bills?

Ready for lower energy costs? PVC roofing's reflective surface bounces back sunlight, keeping your building cooler in the summer. That means your air conditioning doesn't have to work as hard, leading to potential savings on your energy bills, especially crucial for our customers in Issaquah and the Eastside.

Is a PVC Roof Hard to Install?

Leave that to us! Our expert team at Anderson Roofing takes the hassle out of PVC roof installation. With years of experience under our belts, we ensure a quick and efficient setup. No sweat, no stress.

What Happens if My PVC Roof Gets Damaged?

Don't worry, repairs are often simple and cost-effective. Unlike other roofing materials that require extensive work, a PVC roof usually just needs patching in the damaged area. This makes it an ideal choice for property owners who want minimal disruptions, whether they're based in Bellevue, Redmond, or anywhere in the Eastside.

Are There Color Options for PVC Roofing?

Absolutely! Gone are the days of just 'basic white.' Nowadays, PVC roofing comes in a variety of colors and styles. Whether you want to match the color of your company logo or blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment, there's likely a PVC option for you.

How Often Should I Inspect My PVC Roof?

A twice-yearly inspection usually does the trick. Check it out in the spring and fall to make sure everything's in order. The good news? You can often perform these inspections yourself. However, for a thorough check-up, our Anderson Roofing professionals are always here to help.

How can I get a quote for PVC Membrane Roofing?

Got more questions? Ready to make a change in your roofing? We're just a call away. Serving Issaquah, the Greater Seattle Area, and the Eastside, Anderson Roofing is your go-to for all things PVC roofing.

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