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About Us

Renton's Premier Roofing Specialists

At Anderson Roofing, we are recognized as Renton's leading experts in flat roof and low slope roofing solutions, upholding over 50 years of professional excellence in every project we undertake.

Our family-oriented approach is woven into the fabric of Renton's community spirit, delivering not just top-tier quality roofing but also customized flat roof installations and services perfectly suited for the homes and light-commercial buildings that stand as pillars of this vibrant area.

Local Roofing Expertise with Quality Materials

Our deep-rooted experience in Renton has fine-tuned our expertise in selecting the ideal roofing material to meet your specific needs.

Anderson Roofing is proficient in a range of high-quality materials, including torch down roofs and PVC roofing systems, which reflect Renton's own standards of excellence and community values.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

In Renton, the name Anderson Roofing is synonymous with an unwavering commitment to trust and customer satisfaction, solidified by our dedication to personal service and delivering the highest quality roofing solutions, from torch down to PVC roofing systems.

Enhancing Renton's Natural Beauty

Everything you could ever need to complete your next project on time and within your budget.

Scenic Roofing Designs by Your Local Roofer:

When the search for the best roofer begins, it’s a quest for a roof that reflects our city’s energy. Our roofing designs, featuring durable torch down roofs, resilient PVC roofing, and aesthetically pleasing asphalt composition roofing, offer protection and integrate seamlessly with Renton’s picturesque skyline.

Preserving Renton's Diverse Architectural Heritage with Quality Roofing:

As Renton's dedicated roofing professionals, we're committed to upholding the eclectic architecture that punctuates our city. From the sleek new constructions to the cherished older neighborhoods, our roofing solutions are crafted to maintain and enhance Renton's unique structural diversity.

Custom Roof Replacement for Renton Homes and Businesses:

Our roof replacement services are as diverse as Renton's architectural portfolio. Anderson Roofing’s expertise extends from applying robust asphalt composition roofing on suburban homes to installing modern torch down roofs on commercial properties, ensuring every structure is covered with the perfect roofing solution.

Sustainable Durability Tailored for Renton's Environment:

Partnering with us means choosing a roofing company that's expert in utilizing sustainable, long-lasting roofing materials designed to withstand Renton's environmental conditions. We are well-versed in the demands of local weather, recommending the best roofing systems, from asphalt composition to innovative torch down applications, for resilience and sustainability.

Energy Efficient and Compliant Roofing:

Here in Renton, Anderson Roofing ensures energy-efficient and compliant roofing installations that resonate with our city's dedication to environmental stewardship and safety. We prioritize your safety, comfort, and our environmental footprint in every project.

Supporting Renton's Development Through Expert Roofing Services:

As Renton continues to develop and flourish, rely on Anderson Roofing—your neighborhood experts—for roofing services that accommodate the city's growth. We're not just fitting roofs; we're contributing to a more resilient and visually appealing Renton.
Give us a call at Anderson Roofing – let's chat about how we can help protect and enhance your Renton home with our trusted roofing services.
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Comprehensive Roofing Services in Renton

In the heart of Renton, where the city's vibrant community life meets tranquil suburban retreats, the diverse roofing needs reflect the unique character of both sleek commercial spaces and inviting residential homes.

Anderson Roofing stands ready to deliver specialized roofing replacements and services designed specifically for Renton's distinctive landscape. Leveraging our deep-rooted expertise, we ensure every roofing solution we provide not only serves as a durable shield but also elevates the aesthetic and market value of your property.

Seeking a trusted roofing company? Look no further. Our team, equipped with extensive know-how and a friendly demeanor, is dedicated to fulfilling your roofing needs with precision and care.


Torch Down Roofing Solutions: Ideal for Renton's Flat and Gently Low Slope Roofs

Experience the resilience of our Torch Down roofing solutions in Renton. Our skilled team expertly applies this time-tested technique to ensure your roof is not only robust but also aesthetically pleasing.

With smooth or granular color options available, you can trust us to deliver a roof that seamlessly complements the style of your property. Whether you're looking for durability, visual appeal, or both, our Torch Down roofing is the ideal choice for your Renton home or business.

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Sustainable Roofing Solutions in Renton: Embracing PVC Membranes for Eco-Friendly Practices

Ideal for the rainy climate of the Puget Sound region, our PVC Membrane roofing provides outstanding water resistance, ensuring your home or business in Renton remains protected from the elements. With Anderson Roofing, you can trust that your roof is built to endure, offering you peace of mind and keeping your property and belongings safe and dry.

Explore our selection of color options to customize your PVC Membrane roof and complement the aesthetic of your Renton property. Benefit from the durability and reliability of PVC Membrane roofing with Anderson Roofing, your premier choice for roofing solutions in Renton.

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Composition Roofing in Renton: A Blend of Strength and Style

Our Composition roofing service delivers a perfect blend of durability and aesthetics, ideal for the residents of Renton seeking long-lasting protection for their homes. Crafted to withstand the unique weather conditions of Renton, our Composition roofs come with 20 to 50-year warranties, ensuring your investment provides decades of reliable performance.

When you choose Anderson Roofing for Composition roofing, you're not just selecting a service; you're gaining a long-term roofing partner dedicated to exceeding your expectations. Contact us today to start the conversation about how we can elevate the protection and appearance of your Renton home.

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Serving Renton for Over 50 Years

Why Choose Anderson Roofing

From the moment we opened our doors over 50 years ago, Anderson Roofing has been dedicated to building more than roofs—we build trust.

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Quality Material

We are a preferred customer with area suppliers.


Well-respected members of RCAW, MBA, NFIB, Angies List, & BBB.

Trained Workers

All of our workers are extensively trained in-house.

Customer First

We approach all projects with a customer first mentality.

Quick Response

We strive for fast and transparent communication.

Great Reviews

Our customer reviews are stellar across multiple platforms.

Unrivaled Experience and Reputation

Our strong industry reputation, underscored by BBB accreditation and glowing local consumer ratings, is as solid as the foundations we work upon.

Our affiliations with industry-specific associations and local business networks are not just badges of honor—they're the emblems of our commitment to excellence.

Customized Roofing Solutions

As your trusted roofing contractor, Anderson Roofing excels in flat roofs and low slope roofing systems that embody safety and comfort.

We deliver specialized roofing solutions that honor Renton’s diverse architectural personality, seamlessly fitting the historic allure of its venerable homes and the contemporary elegance of its commercial façades.

Community and Environmental Commitment

Adhering to Renton's community guidelines and homeowner association standards in our installation of flat roofs and low-slope roofing systems is not just about compliance for us—it's about respect.

We take pride in our eco-friendly practices for flat roof and low slope roofing that reflect Renton's green ethos. Our sustainable approach to roofing, particularly in flat roof systems, is our pledge to protect the natural beauty that surrounds us, ensuring that our work today contributes to a healthier, greener tomorrow for the Renton community.

Your Flat and Low Slope Roof Experts

Specializing in both flat roof and low slope roofs, Anderson Roofing stands as Renton's premier expert. With a focus on water management strategies and waterproofing integrity, we construct roofs that are both architecturally sound and meticulously engineered to handle Renton’s rainfall, ensuring your space remains dry and secure.

People Say The Nicest Things

Don't just take our word for it! Our Customer First mentality has led to Customer Loyalty being one of our best assets. We grow and thrive on referrals and high recommendations.

Renton's Premier Commercial Roofing Experts

When your Renton business is in need of a new roof or some attention, turn to your local roofing experts at Anderson Roofing. We excel in delivering top-notch commercial roof repairs, maintenance, and replacement services tailored to the unique demands of your Renton business, all while ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

We're committed to safeguarding your business's integrity and aesthetics.

Reliable Residential Roofing for Renton Homes

For the homeowners of Renton, Anderson Roofing stands as your trusted local provider for all roofing requirements. We offer dependable roof maintenance, prompt repairs, and high-quality roof replacements, all delivered straight to your Renton home.

Our friendly team is focused on ensuring your home remains secure and your living experience remains comfortable, without intruding on your daily routine.

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Torch Down Roof Installers
House with asphalt composition roofing

Roof Check: Essential Signs Every Homeowner Should Monitor

Renton's charm comes with the need for sharp roofing awareness. Here's what you should watch for:

  • Visible Damage: Be vigilant for any obvious signs of damage such as splits or dents on your roof. Even minor damage can escalate into significant issues.

  • Water Stains: Unexpected water stains inside your home could signal potential leaks threatening your cozy haven.

  • Missing Shingles: Given our diverse weather patterns, missing shingles are a common concern that could leave your home exposed.

  • Sagging Rooflines: Noticed any droops or dips on your roof? We're the 'roofer near me' ready to address these issues.

  • Spiking Energy Bills: If you observe a sudden increase in heating or cooling costs, it might indicate that your roof requires attention.

  • Moss or Algae Growth: Excessive greenery on your roof isn't a good sign and often indicates the need for professional roofing services.

  • Gutter Check-ups: If your gutters are filled with shingle granules, it's a telltale sign of roof wear and tear.

  • Aging Roofs: Roofs approaching or exceeding 20 years may require a thorough evaluation to discuss potential replacement.

  • Flashing Checks: Ensuring that your roof's flashing is intact is crucial for maintaining a dry and secure home.

  • Musty Attic Odors: A musty smell in your attic could indicate unwanted moisture, suggesting a need for immediate inspection.

  • Tech-Savvy Roofing: For homes equipped with advanced roofing technologies, regular maintenance checks are essential to ensure optimal performance.

Keeping these points in mind will help maintain the safety and integrity of your home. Should you notice any concerns, remember that we're your local roofing experts here to assist.

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Rate Us on Angie's List

87+ Verified Reviews

Working With The Best

Safety & Credentials

At Anderson Roofing, safety is paramount in our commitment to serving the Renton community. Our team of expert roofers, fully licensed and dedicated, ensures top-notch service with no compromises.

Furthermore, our esteemed affiliations with prestigious organizations such as the Roofing Contractors Association of Washington (RCAW) and the Master Builders Association (MBA) are a testament to our credibility. Place your trust in our distinguished credentials and rest assured that you're partnering with Renton's finest roofing professionals.

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