PVC is a Poly-vinyl Chloride, water-tight membrane that is hot-air welded together on a roof surface. White is “Energy-Star” rated, environmentally friendly and can be eligible for Energy Tax Credits.

The old roof is torn off and swept thoroughly.

Anderson Roofing employees then roll out and fasten down a separation sheet.

The PVC membrane is then rolled out and installed.

The bulk of seams are welded with an automatic hot-air robot called a “Leister Varimat”

The PVC membrane around edges, corners, scupper drains, chimney’s and vents are all hot-air welded together with a hand-held welder called a “Leister Triac”.

Cap Metal installed.

Anderson Roofing employees are meticulous about clean-up, clean equipment and shoes to make sure PVC membrane stays as clean as possible. We use the I.B. Brand – “Industries Best.” It comes in several colors.

PVC Membrane Roofing Installation
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PVC Membrane Roofing Installation
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